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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Filmmaking in the Philippines During the Pandemic

By Vice — 13.08.2020

Actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith on the two-person Until it’s Safe set

August 13, 2020

Though accustomed to directing a frenzy of crew members and actors, Samantha Lee’s latest short film had a team of four. There were only two actors, one in Manila and another in Los Angeles, who doubled as co-director. They played a couple separated by the Pacific Ocean in the middle of a pandemic.

To direct straddling two continents, Lee propped a phone up to a Zoom call live-transmitting the recorded feed to the other half of the crew across the globe. Traversing themes of longing in the time of coronavirus through a long-distance relationship, Until It’s Safe was one of the first Filipino films to shoot through the pandemic.

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