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Eight biggest changes in lifestyle & entertainment consumption due to COVID-19

By PHILSTAR — 04.05.2020

With most media programming disrupted, people are catching up to OTT content like Crash Landing On You on Netflix.

Stay at home. Mobility of people is restricted. And because we have to shelter in place, people are restless and anxious. As such, they vent their frustrations through the consumption or creation of the parodies and satires as we see in social media to ease boredom and cope with the situation.

Shopping restricted. Shopping malls are closed and the purchase of certain products (e.g. alcohol and face masks) is restricted due to hoarding. Supermarkets are open fewer hours per day. Only one person per residence is allowed to go out, and so shopping is no longer a family affair. You then discover that your neighbor has a poultry farm, while another one bakes. If you’re lucky, you live in a village/subdivision that organizes pop-up markets where suppliers sell their goods and wares on designated days.

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