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Meet Paul Abadilla, the Filipino sets art director of Disney Pixar’s ‘Soul’

GMA Entertainment — 10.1.2021

Courtesy of Disney Pixar

Los Angeles — Through the years, we have encountered Filipino animators at Pixar, aka Pixnoys, whom we have become friends with and get to know better.

The humble and soft-spoken Paul Abadilla is one of them and we simply relish the fact how he has gotten involved in more Disney Pixar movies. Right now, he is the Sets Art Director of the latest Jamie Foxx animation, “Soul.”

“Soul” follows the life of Joe Gardner (Foxx) a middle school music teacher from New York City who dreams of a career in jazz. His dream is unexpectedly cut short when he dies and falls in a manhole and finds himself as a soul heading into the “Great Beyond” unwilling to die before his big break.

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