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PH directors’ guild slams FDCP meddling in film productions under ‘new normal’

By CNN Philippines Staff — 03.06.2020

DGPI SAYS NO TO FDCP ADVISORY 06As the film industry struggles to get back on its feet, the DGPI reiterates that it…

Posted by Directors' Guild of the Philippines, Inc. – DGPI on Sunday, June 28, 2020

CNN Philippines
July 1 2020

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, July 1) – The Directors’ Guild of the Philippines Inc. (DGPI) called out the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) for its supposed intrusion into regulatory and oversight functions over production matters, as stated in the Council’s latest advisory.

In a statement released last Monday, DGPI stated they made their concern clear to FDCP in a prior meeting and were puzzled why such rule was still released.

“Yet the release of this advisory underlines a disturbing turn of events about the mandate of FDCP,” said the Filipino directors’ group.


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