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Piracy: A perennial problem in Philippine Cinema

The Manila Times — 17.1.2021

The columnist at the 1st Optical Media Board (OMB) Anti-Media Piracy Summit in 2018. PHOTO COURTESY OF OMB.

It takes a village to create a film — a team of hardworking and dedicated workers who pour out their heart and soul along with blood, sweat, and tears. Sleepless nights, body aches, tight deadlines, and high stress levels are dealt with during pre-production, production, and post-production as well as in distribution and exhibition.

Filmmaking is an arduous labor of love. As an artist, I can attest that our film industry members and workers are fueled by their passion for the arts, culture, and film. I have witnessed the laudable dedication of our filmmakers, talents, and workers who go above and beyond their tasks just to make things happen on the set or in the workplace.

Truth be told, the ticket price or streaming fee for a film is too small compared to the gargantuan costs in filmmaking. So when a film is pirated, sold at a lower price or posted online by pirates, and viewed for free by consumers, it really causes agonizing pain to the film industry.

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