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‘Pito-Pito’ movies was the remedy of an ailing 90s Philippine cinema

po — 9.12.2020

When we hear the term “pito-pito”, what instantly comes to mind is the alternative medicine which is actually a combination of seven herbs and seeds (bayabas or guava, mangga or mango, alagaw, pandan, banaba, anise seeds, and coriander seeds) typically blended, boiled, and drank like you would, a tea. People drink pito-pito for lack of resources, mostly time and money, to go see a doctor. This somehow makes them feel better.

But have you heard of “pito-pito” movies? Pito-Pito (seven each/seven-seven) films actually follow the same philosophy as the herbal concoction. It means that if a filmmaker has limited resources—both time and budget—to make a movie, he does it in seven days, using whatever material, concept, or props that are found around him. This time, the Pinoy “bahala na” attitude will save the day. But as to whether that popular attitude is a boon or a bane depends on the result of the film made, after seven days.

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