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Rae Red Talks “Babae at Baril,” Her Feminist Film About Philippine Realities

Cinema Escapist — 05.09.2020

Philippine filmmaker Rae Red’s directorial debut Babae at Baril explores life as a woman in a man’s world. Earlier this month, it enjoyed a North American premiere at the 2020 New York Asian Film Festival.

Previously, Rae Red collaborated with her cousin Mikhail Red to write screenplays for prominent Philippine productions like Neomanila and BirdshotBabae at Baril represents Rae Red’s independent emergence as a feature film director, and showcases a socially relevant, female-centric story.

The film’s title, translated as The Girl and the Gun in English, exactly describes how the story unfolds: a department store saleslady finds a discarded gun. Tired of being an underdog and mistreated by men, she takes the gun and instantly finds herself wiedling a newfound confidence to take revenge on those that wronged her.

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