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UPSTREAM Partners With GMovies To Usher In A New Cinema Experience For Filipinos

Page One — 15.11.2020


Many will agree that watching a movie in a cinema is an experience on its own—the waft of buttered popcorn all around place, the anticipation for the film to begin as you watch trailers, and the collective reaction during a particular scene. But with most cinemas still off-limits to moviegoers, people have to find creative ways to recreate this experience in their own homes.

One great way to do so is with UPSTREAM, a Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) platform created by Filipinos, for Filipinos. UPSTREAM has recently partnered with the country’s leading digital booking platform for on ground and online cinematic experiences, GMovies, to introduce a new and affordable viewing experience to Filipinos anywhere they are in the world.

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