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WATCH: Netflix drops ‘Dead Kids’ trailer

By — 14.11.19


On Thursday, November 14, the streaming platform released the trailer for the movie, directed by rising star Mikhail Red.

Dead Kids, based on real events, is about a “socially awkward teen” who befriends a group of misfits. Together, they plot to “take out” the resident arrogant rich kid – but their kidnapping scheme turns deadly.

Set in a Philippine high school, the trailer has elements almost all middle class Filipinos are familiar with – nameplates on school uniforms, historical plays in school, and open-aired eating areas, to name a few.

Image courtesy of Netflix


It also packs a sociopolitical punch in the end as one character points his gun at the camera. “Mga squatter lang ang na-Totokhang. Mukha ba kaming squatter sa iyo (Cops on target the poor. Do we look poor to you)?” he says, a referrence to the administration’s bloody “war on drugs,” which has been accused of targetting only the poor.


Image courtesy of Netflix
Image courtesy of Netflix
Image courtesy of Netflix


The movie is a roll call of the Philippine entertainment industry’s up-and-coming list – Sue Ramirez, Khalil Ramos, Markus Paterson, Vance Larena, Kelvin Miranda, Gabby Padilla, and Jan Silverio. It’s written by Nicolas Red and produced by Globe Studios.

Dead Kids begins streaming on Netflix on December 1. It will premiere during the Cinema One Originals Film Festival in Manila on November 17.

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