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What’s next for Fil-Am ‘Yellow Rose’ filmmaker Diane Paragas?

ABS-CBN News — 06.10.2020

This October, another milestone will be reached by Filipinos in Hollywood.

“Yellow Rose,” written and directed by Diane Paragas, will be the first major Filipino-themed movie to be theatrically released by a Hollywood studio, Sony Pictures.

“I think it’s a milestone no matter what happens. I think we as a Filipino community should come out and support this film in the same way all Asians came out and supported ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ because I think if the film does well, it shows Hollywood that there is an audience for films like this,” Paragas said.

The Filipino-centered story took a long time before it found its way to the screen.

“I was getting so many no’s and trying to raise money to make this movie. The film evolved over time and I evolved over time. I became a mother. I had my own daughter, who’s in the film. I think I had a lot more empathy for the mother character by the time I wrote it,” she said.

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