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Art in the streaming business — 3.7.2022

The author, Brillante Ma Mendoza, on the set of one of his movies. STORY: Art in the streaming business

The film business is booming for some. While Filipino films aren’t so successful when they’re shown in our local cinemas, some are lucky and astute enough to bank on streaming platforms and content creation. More new streaming sites are sprouting, offering different types of films.

Streaming has indeed changed the way viewers access films, and like any new thing, it has advantages and disadvantages. It is a convenient way to watch films at home or elsewhere for a certain fee and allows subscribers to choose whatever genre they like.

On the other hand, some people question the lack of control by government on these sites’ content, and these companies’ nonpayment of taxes to countries where films are being streamed. There is big money in streaming, especially since billion-dollar companies are paying to create content and viewers are always looking for entertainment. So people want to get a share of the profit.

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