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Cinemas are back!

The Manila Times — 8.5.2022

The columnist at CinemaCon 2022 in Las Vegas.

How will cinemas survive post-pandemic? How do we get people back to moviegoing? How are the distribution of films affected because of the rise of streaming platforms? These are important questions that global experts and industry movers and shakers sought answers to at the recently concluded Cinema Convention (Cinema Con) organized by the National Theater Owners Association (NATO) held in Las Vegas. How do we move forward?

As of April this year, the Film Development Council of the Philippines Cinematheque Centres became an official member of NATO. The Philippines was welcomed as part of the NATO International Committee and the Global Cinema Federation (GCF) Advisory Board Meeting as a representative of the Southeast Asian Region.

In this capacity, we can now officially come to the table and join the important discussion of addressing the challenges that are affecting the state of the global film industry — and from these, tailor fit possible approaches in the shaping of the future of the cinema industry in our individual countries.

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