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Filipino films ‘Yellow Rose,’ ‘Quezon’s Game’ now on streaming platforms

Business Insight — 19.1.2021

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – At a time when the US movie industry is still trying to concretize what “moviegoing” really looks in a post-pandemic world, there are signs of hope and cheer for film lovers who are banking on streaming platforms to deliver the goods.
Variety reported that only 35 percent of North American theaters are open and tickets have been hovering at an all-time low. The Oscars – normally held in February or early March – has been pushed to April 25, 2021 with no guarantee if it will physically take place or just go virtual. But even with these seemingly discouraging forebodings, opportunities always arise.

As Nichi Bei Weekly columnist Ben Hamamoto wrote a few days ago, streaming has become the vanguard of Asian American content.

Hamamoto wrote: “According to a recent Nielsen report, AAPIs (Asian American Pacific Islanders) are cord-cutting at a much higher rate than other groups, and 82 percent of us subscribe to at least one streaming service. It’s hard to know which is the chicken and which is the egg, but it’s probably not a coincidence that these platforms offered way more Asian and Asian American content than traditional television this past year.”

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