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‘Love of My Life’ airs much-awaited finale this Friday

— 17.3.2021

From left: Tom Rodriguez, Carla Abellana, Coney Reyes, Rhian Ramos and Mikael Daez

GMA Network’s top-rating primetime series ‘Love of My Life’ is set to conclude its run this Friday (March 19), further piquing the interest of viewers and netizens with its unpredictable scenes and soul-stirring performances from the cast.

In its final week, Adelle (Carla Abellana) and Kelley (Rhian Ramos) get into a heated argument following the former’s confession to Nikolai (Mikael Daez). Feeling overwhelmed with all that’s been going on in their family, Nikolai flees and bids goodbye to everyone through an emotional video. Meanwhile, Adelle and Kelley’s no-holds-barred confrontation leads to Isabella (Coney Reyes) losing consciousness and getting hospitalized. Will the Gonzales family ever be united when Nikolai is still nowhere to be found and Adelle and Kelley’s issues are still unresolved?

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