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My personal scene stealers in FDCP

The Manila Times — 17.7.2022

The columnist at this year’s Festival de Cannes business counterpart, the Marche
du Film, with members of the international film communityTime is the currency of life. What we choose to give time to, we choose to give our life to. For me, my time with the Film Development Council of the Philippines has always been more than work. Sincw I had no experience as a public servant before FDCP, I saw it as a once-in-lifetime opportunity to make a difference and I willingly spent six years of my prime years, energies, and hopes with the agency. It was here that I was put in a position to fulfill my long-cherished aspirations not just for myself but for the industry I love the most.

Looking back, I realized that serving the industry through the FDCP has been so ingrained in my system that sometimes I spend more time with my team than with my family. More than eight hours of every office day, I spent with my colleagues cooking up plans for the industry, sometimes even during weekends.

More than programs that were created, it was memories with people that made this whole experience an unforgettable one. And I want to take the opportunity of this week’s column to share some of my most memorable moments in FDCP.

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